Chris Hoenigmann
Graphic Design & Art Direction

Long Island Ducks Tee Shirts
Design & Illustration: Chris Hoenigmann
The Long Island Ducks Baseball Club approached me looking for some new tshirt ideas and here's what I came up with. All custom drawn by hand and/or in Illustrator.
Chris Hoenigmann
The Ducks have only been around since 1998, but I wanted to design something that made it seem like they were around much longer. It has a very old style Brooklyn feel to it and I had it printed on tri-blend heather tee with no base in the ink to give it a vintage feel. Chris Hoenigmann
In my second design for the team, I included an illustration of a Long Island Duck with eye black and his "feathered hair" flowing in the wind (he's probably stealing second).

Lastly, I designed a shirt for the Jr. Ducks Baseball and Softball teams targeted towards pre-teens. The shirt has yet to be printed, but I liked the illustration so thought I'd share.

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