Chris Hoenigmann
Graphic Design & Art Direction

Strategic Planning Partners Website (2012)
Design, HTML & Art Direction: Chris Hoenigmann
Getting ready to launch a new website for Strategic Planning Partners, an International Security Group based out of New York. The site is undergoing final refinements but is set to launch June 2012. Here's a peek:

As the main image scrolls, it directs users to the appropriately themed menu selection below. Users can also click on the scrolling image itself to get to each page.
Below is a closer look at the Business Process Chart I helped them identify and leverage for the site:
One of my major challanges was to find the right imagery, so we used illustration where possible and found thoughtful, impactful images that were unlike anything currently being used in the field.
Even when using imagery, I combined with small illustrations to create consistency and tie everything together.
I set their team up with an easy to manage news page and twitter account so they can continue to publish fresh content without having to rely on anyone else.

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