Chris Hoenigmann
Graphic Design & Art Direction

Stay Loose Bird (2012)
Design, Illustration & Art Direction: Chris Hoenigmann
I love the two words "Stay Loose" together and I think the concept works well with my illustration.
It makes a pretty clean desktop background - I also printed a few 3x3in stickers for now. Not sure what exactly I'll end up doing with this one. Below are some of the original sketches from my book:
I always love when people show their process - how they got from nothing to something, so whenever I can I like to show a little of the behind the scenes. On the left is the original sketch (literally less than an inch wide) I drew in the margin of some looseleaf months and months ago. On the right are some typographical sketches I drew later on when I decided to work on this. Then I took everything into Illustrator and made it pretty.

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