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Weapons of Mass Creation Fest Wrap Up.
Just got back from Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Cleveland - here's a photo-recap of my weekend:

Dan Christofferson of Big Cartel and Bee Teeth speaking at Reinberger Auditorium on 6/12/11. Probably my favorite speaker of the weekend - Dan's work is incredible, and getting to hear his creative process and the stories behind some of his work was awesome. He seems like a genuinely warm person, a very funny and entertaining storyteller.

Christofferson working on his live installation at the Wall Eye Gallery.
Glen Infante of Ilthy.
Getting a freshly baked Ilthy tee.
Alex Cornell of ISO50 speaking at Reinberger Auditorium on 6/11/11. Alex is a totally bright dude - it was great to hear him talk about his process of finding work worth writing about for the ISO50 blog and his relationship with mentor Scott Hansen.
Me with two awesome people: Nate Utesch of (left) and Bill Beachy of Go Media (right). I picked up one of Bill's prints and started reading Nate's book Ferocious No. 1.
David Gensler of The KDU speaking at Reinberger Auditorium on 6/11/11. Really interesting listening to him talk about his days at Rockawear - I thought it was hysterical when he said, and I'm paraphrasing "Are we all of age here? OK: I don't give a fuck, I'm here to make money. I want Ferrari's. You spend a few years traveling around the world on private jets (referring to his time working for Rockawear) and it messes with your head."
Simon Hartmann of Studio Ace of Spade does some great textural work - picked up a print of his "Whale and Pine" poster on canvas (left). His "Get Shit Done" print shown right.
Dan Cassaro of Young Jerks speaking at Reinberger Auditorium on 6/11/11. You can currently see Dan's typography skills in this Living Social commercial.
Picked up Cassaro's "Springstreets": an illustrated map on newsprint inspired by Bruce Springsteen songs. First printed in 2010, Springsteen fans went nuts for it and he's now on his 3rd edition of 500 (left). Some more great typographic work by Dan (right).
Some Wall Eye Gallery Favorites:
Spent a bunch of time looking through the great illustration work of Aaron Sechrist of OKPants, particularly the music promo posters for Live Nation (left). Maarten Kleyne had some great work up as well - "Crossing the Rubicon" (right) was a favorite of mine.
Possibly my overall favorite was done by Go Media's Oliver Barrett. His work on "Charting the Beatles" (above) is on beautiful, the amount of detail in his sketching is Da Vinci-esque. The iconography, typography, color-scheme and overall cleanliness of the design makes it a really tight, cohesive piece of work.
Of course - the fest was in Cleveland, so what would it be without some anti-Labron artwork. Oliver Barrett did an awesome job with "The King is Dead" (right). The installation on the right was done by Andy Hanes.
Back wall of the gallery with work by Ilthy, Jeff Hulligan.
Work by Jeff Hulligan - that's Gomer on the left and the cuddly lil' guy on the right is Dorian!
In Conclusion
It was a great weekend - got to meet, talk to, hear from so many people who I've only known through the internet for so many years. So a big thanks to WCMF founder Jeff Finley (who's speech I accidentally missed somehow) for putting this thing together - the design community needs more things like this.

I wish I could have given a more full-rounded recap, I only managed to see 7 of the 20 speakers - I'll do better next year. Thanks for reading and stay in touch.

- Chris Hoenigmann

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